Sturminster Newton Half

Being someone who can't stand the heat and summer running, this really shouldn't be my favourite half marathon but for some strange reason it is, maybe it's the fact that their sponsored by local baker and there's free cake at the end !! When I looked at the forecast on thursday, it didn't look good with sunshine and temperatures of 23-24 degrees predicted, only marginally better than last year's energy sapping 27 degrees. Luckilly though, the clouds stayed overhead for pretty much all the race and there was even light rain for the first few miles. It's rare these days to find a "road race" that is virtually traffc free but, apart from the initial run out of Stur, I only counted about 20 cars all the way round. People's perception of the course vary, some saying it's hilly but there's nothing drastic - although the second half does have more climbs than the first. There's a nasty climb up to the White Horse pub at mile 11 but then you're rewarded with a stretch of downhill to the finish along a beautiful tree lined path. 5 NFRs made the trip to Dorset and Russell Wynn flew home to 13th place in 1 hrs 22.10. Steve Morton was not far behind in 26th (1.26.07) followed by Stuart Judd 94th (1.42.29), Matt Cafferky 122nd (1.46.28) and Howard Paskins 216th (2.05.33) .