New Forest Runners Membership 2016

Membership for the New Forest Runners 2016 is now Open!

Our new membership system is now complete. This new system has been 10 or so months in the making but I certainly hope the effort will be well worth it.

For those who did not attend the AGM we have now dropped the paper form as well as payment using cash/cheques or PayPal.

All NFR membership must now go through this system. It’s very easy; you can pay by credit, debit, Amex cards at no cost to you.

Please see the Membership page for a list of membership options.

Please click the "join here" button to sign up!:

(Please note: The "User Login" box on the website is purely those wanting to create articles for the website. It is NOT related to the Membership process.)

Thanks, Jon.

Hampshire XC League Match 5 - Dibden Inclosure

Hampshire XC League Match 5 - Dibden Inclosure 13 Feb 2016 @ various times.

Please see website for details:

Mick Anglim has sent a request for 3 marshals from each of the competing clubs to assist with the marshaling. Apparently they do not have to attend all day, 3 hours would be a great help. I think they would have to be there at 11.00am, to be given their positions.

Oakhaven Half Marathon

Unfortunately, this year's Oakhaven Half has been cancelled due to logistical reasons. If you've already entered, you'll receive an email offering you a refund or a place in the 2017 race.

Hants XCountry League, Dibden

The last race of the series takes place on Saturday 13th Feb at Dibden Inclosure. Hardley Runners stepped in at short notice to host and race director Mick Anglim is desperately looking for more marshalls and has asked each club to supply at least 3 volunteers. The first race is at 11.30 so marshals need to be there by 11. If you can help, please email

More details are at


    It was great to see so many of you (65 in all) at last night's AGM at Fawcetts. I hope you all found it informative and are excited as the committee is with the way the club is moving forward. The new membership system will be up and running in a few weeks so please don't attempt to rejoin just yet, Jon Milner will let let us all know when the release date is. A big thank you to Colin Waters for the hours of hard work which he has put in on the new website, I'm sure you'll all agree that it's a massive improvement.

Introducing the New Club Website

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The new club website has a number of new features, so here is your guide to what the site now offers as well as some background on why the new website was created.

The new website. Available here!

The old club website served the club admirably over the years - thanks largely to the hard-work of long-serving webmaster Carol. However in the years since our site was built, a new breed of website software called Content Management Systems has come out. They offered many smart new features as well as the promise of a lower-maintenance overhead for the site. The main feature that the Committee wanted, was to allow a wider section of the clubs members to update the site. The old site had it's pages directly written in html and as not many members are html gurus, it meant that most new pages had to be created by the club webmaster. As this wasn't a straightforward, it lead to a good site, but one that was rather static in terms of content. In contrast, the new site allows articles, such as race reports, social events or training advise to be created by any registered user. The articles are really  easy to write via an editor that is built into the  website. This  editor looks very much like Word, so it will look immediately familiar to for those wanting to create or update pages.


Welcome to the "new" New Forest Runners website! (Beta)

Please feel free to explore and check out the new club and training calendars as well as the different group and club pages that we've moved across from the old site. A guide to the new site can be found here.

The site is currently in Beta-testing mode so you might well spot a few niggles. If you do, then please drop a mail to with a description of what you were trying to do and the issue that you spotted. A list of current known issues can be found here.

Thanks, Colin.

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